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Welcome to The Australian National University and the Financial Management Association of Australia! We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to come to Canberra for university and the FMAA is here to support your journey to the workforce. As the only nationally connected society at ANU, the FMAA offers the opportunity to connect with likeminded students from around Australia and network with our global sponsor firms.

Since our founding at ANU in 2022, the FMAA has made an immediate connection with students and welcomed sponsor firms from investment banking, consulting and private equity to campus. We have also sought to introduce a uniquely Canberran aspect to the FMAA through engaging with Australian Public Service agencies that appeal to ANU students' interests. As an FMAA ANU member, you'll gain access to exclusive networking sessions with representatives from over 60 sponsor firms, exclusive case competitions and information sessions about recruiting.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in contributing to connecting ANU students with our sponsor firms and building engagement with our members. We look forward to supporting you pursuing your career of choice through offering connections with experienced professionals during your time at ANU.


Australian National University


Ben Carlyon


Chen Huan Liu

Vice President Operations

Tom Sinclair

Vice President Sponsorships

Tisha Shah


Henry Carmichael


Reece O'Kelly

Events Director

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Marketing Director

Nick Devlin

Marketing Director

Sophie Felice

Publications Director

Georgie Dole

Diversity Director

Clea Phillips

Diversity Director

Ryan Tan

International Representative

James Gray

Grants Officer

Jose Ernesto Centurion Rojas

Postgraduate Representative

Lachlan Simpson

Financial Services Sponsorship Director

Alex Hede

Management Consulting Sponsorship Director

Louis Gordon

Management Consulting Sponsorship Director

Bronte Xie

Professional Services Sponsorship Director

Felix Archibald

Professional Services Sponsorship Director

Sharves Gounder

Asset Management Sponsorship Director

Hugo Hegi

Asset Mangagement Sponsorship Director

James Crowston

Public sector/Law Sponsorship Director

Sankalpa Rao

Public sector/Law Sponsorship Director