Monash University

As the Monash University branch of the FMAA, our goal is to bridge the gap between our student members and their potential future employers. We provide unparalleled opportunities for students to develop themselves professionally during the early stages of their degree, through networking and workshop-style events catered towards driven and curious students.

As an FMAA Monash member, you will gain exclusive access to our annual FMAA calendar and be invited to participate in our professionally-focused events. Members will have the unique opportunity to network with more than 60 corporate firms and learn about the industry and the opportunities available to them. From workshops to case competitions, members are able to further challenge themselves and apply their skills in real-world business cases. These educational style events provide an immersive opportunity for our members to foster their personal growth.

FMAA Monash recruits annually for the First-Year Subcommittee and applications for the 2024 Subcommittee will open in March 2024. If you are a motivated student looking to develop your professional abilities, Subcommittee is for you! Joining the FMAA Committee equips you with skills and experiences necessary to succeed as you move into the workplace. As a Subcommittee member, you will develop your leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, build your professional network and create lasting friendships, enhancing your overall university experience.


Monash University


Charlotte Blazevic


Anais Williams

Vice President (Operations)

Rukudzo Munyeza

Vice President (Sponsorships)

Phyllis He


Sebastian Skalova


Vanshaj Arya

Events Director

Anthony Selwanes

Events Director

Vivian Yao

Marketing Director

Shannon Hartono

Marketing Director

Yanling Chen

Publications Director

Derrick Fong

IT Director

Amelia Vandenbulcke

Diversity Director

Lili Cooper

Membership & Alumni Director

James Shao

Competitions Director

Thomas Giannatos

People & Culture Director

Luka Henderson

Caufield Engagement Director

Mashi Arachchi

Sponsorship Director

Lucas Duffy

Sponsorship Director

Pav Jayawardena

Sponsorship Director

Henry Lai

Sponsorship Director

An Qu

Sponsorship Director

Gurkirt Singh

Sponsorship Director

Udom Trinca

Sponsorship Director

Gabriel Tucker

Sponsorship Director

Victoria Yiu

Sponsorship Director