University of New South Wales

At FMAA UNSW we want you to have the best possible transition from high school to university, and from university to the workforce. Through our unparalleled networking opportunities, as well as the many case competitions and workshops we run, we help take the stress out of these transitions and make navigating them as seamless as possible.

Getting involved as a FMAA UNSW Subcommittee Member is another way to smoothen the transition from high school and truly make the most of your university experience. Joining the FMAA UNSW Subcommittee provides an environment where you're surrounded by like-minded and driven individuals, and where you're likely to find some of your closest friends and create lasting memories. Traditionally, Subcommittee recruitment runs during the beginning of Term 1 and Term 3 - keep an eye on our socials for exact dates!

With the new BCom degree program at UNSW, it is more important than ever to get involved with networking and society events. As an FMAA UNSW member, you will be invited to an array of exclusive networking opportunities where you can meet representatives from over 60 sponsor firms. Your involvement with the FMAA will also distinguish you from other students and serve as a solid foundation to build upon as you enter the workforce.

For a complete overview of FMAA UNSW, the events we offer and why you should become a member please see our First Year Guide here.


University of New South Wales


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