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Welcome to FMAA USYD! We're here to ensure your smooth transition from high school to university and beyond. With our exceptional networking opportunities, case competitions, and workshops, we'll make navigating these transitions seamless. Joining FMAA USYD Subcommittee opens doors to a supportive community of like-minded individuals, where lifelong friendships are forged.

In this new era of the BCom degree program at USYD, networking and society events are more crucial than ever. As an FMAA USYD member, you'll gain access to exclusive networking sessions with representatives from over 60 sponsor firms. Setting yourself apart from others, this involvement will lay a strong foundation for your future in the workforce.

For a comprehensive overview of FMAA USYD, our exciting events, and the reasons to become a member, check out our First Year Guide here. Stay tuned on our socials for Subcommittee recruitment dates in Semester 1!


University of Sydney


Ling Ling Lin


Raghav Ramanathan

Vice President Operations

Adrian Panas

Vice President Sponsorships

Sheeri Bao


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Jack O'Brien

Events Director

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Events Director

Aksara Sembu

People & Culture Director

Binglin Song

IT Director

Mary Tan

Publications Director

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Marketing Director

Eric Shen

Sponsorships Director

Eugenia Kim

Sponsorships Director

Jacob Lee

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